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    Inaugural Event, Jan 23 2014

    On Thursday, January 23, the HDC celebrated its start-up at the fully occupied Toscanasaal at the Residenz in Wuerzburg.

    After the address of welcome and after the words of welcome of the university management, conveyed by Vice President Prof. Barbara Sponholz, the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Prof. Andreas Doerpinghaus, illustrated the conception and the aims of the "Human Dynamics Centre".

    Together with the Chief Executive Dr. Andreas Rauh, he presented  Miss Holz and Miss Pint with the HDC research scholarships. After a few introductory sentences by Prof. Gisela Mueller-Brandeck-Bocquet, also the Beatrice-Edgell-Price of the Faculty of Human Sciences was awarded to Dr. Barbara Schwerdtle.

    A musical intermezzo lead over to the ceremonial address by Prof. Julian Nida-Ruemelin. It was about "Rehabilitation of Anthropology as a normative project" ("Rehabilitierung der Anthropologie als normatives Projekt"). (The address is available in the following podcast [in German])

    The subsequent reception accompanied with music, created a festive atmosphere and rounded off the successful start-up of the HDC.

    The podcast was made possible by the kind support of the Centre for Media Didactics (ZfM) of the University of Wuerzburg and is published with permission of the speaker.



    Impressionen von der Auftaktveranstaltung des HDC
    The 'Trio Clarino' kicks off musically. (all pictures: Michael Brill)
    Ceremony guests in the packed Toscanasaal
    Words of welcome by Vice President Prof. Sponholz
    Dean Prof. Dörpinghaus illustrates the concept of the HDC.
    HDC research scholarship holder Elisa Holz
    HHDC research scholarship holder Lena Pint
    Awarding of the Beatrice-Edgell-Award to Dr. Schwerdtle
    Speaker Prof. Nida-Rümelin in the Toscanasaal in the Residenz in Wuerzburg
    Speaker Prof. Nida-Rümelin
    The 'Trio Clarino' at the reception in the Residenz in Wuerzburg

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